Big vs Little – and the winner is……………….

When you dream about that delicious dessert that you are planning for your next party or event, is it a small item or a large, luscious creation that you worked hours on? Are you thinking about that big, beautiful ice cream sundae complete with sauces, real whipped cream, nuts and a cherry?

 We don’t usually think in terms of small items or small bites, but recent research is showing that the best way to eat less is to actually break that portion up into even smaller pieces. Experiments with college age students, as well as rats (hmmm, which is really the proverbial lab test animal?), are showing that smaller food pieces force diners to slow down, allowing the diner to feel full. Read more about this research at this link:

And remember, each piece of a Flowers to Eat™ arrangement is not only delicious, but it is helping your diet by slowing down your pace of eating!


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