The 4th of July


What’s your favorite part of the 4 of July?

Mine always was the fireworks. Of course they are more fun with family and friends, after barbequing and relaxing.

A trip to the beach on a hot, sunny Florida July 4th afternoon was always good too, then the barbeque and then the FIREWORKS! The bigger and louder, the better! I loved them all.

My husband would always buy some at the tourist stop, South of the Border, as we came back from a family reunion. Not just the little fountains, but big, loud ones that he would shoot up over the pond in our backyard. We usually shot these off a few days before the 4th, so that we could go to one of the big, local displays that evening.

As we are getting ready for this year’s celebration, I am still deciding on the menu, whether we can make it to the neighborhood parade and which fireworks display to see this year, but whichever one we choose, I’m sure we’ll enjoy it.

We wish you a Happy 4th of July!





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