What can “Avocado” do for you?

Avocados are really superfoods.

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imageFirst things first, the Avocado is not a vegetable. Its a fruit, now that’s out the way…Lets talk about the benefits of this delicious fruit that has gone through an identity crisis.

Avocado’s have more potassium than a banana, yes more than a banana. A single avocado has 975 milligrams to 487 milligrams for the banana.

Avocados are loaded with protein: 4 grams to be exact.

Avocados can be substituted for high fat condiments such as mayo or honey mustard dressing. Spread or slice the avocado on your bread and you just reduced the fat in your sandwich.

Avocados can be used in baking too:the creamy texture and healthy fats make for a surprisingly-easy baking substitution. And no, you won’t be making green muffins. In the right ratios, you can ditch some butter and replace with avocado for healthier chocolate chip cookies, banana bread and brownies.

OK so now you have an idea of what…

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