October Holidays

Ok, I get it that every cause is important and that we enjoy celebrating all kinds of events. But when I was looking at what is coming up in October, I was truly surprised by the long list of events there are to celebrate. I won’t bore you with the whole list, but thought I would share some of the many interesting dedications.

Most people probably know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and that Boss’s Day is October 16th this year. These are events that we, in the Flowers to Eat™ store anticipate and plan for.


There are some celebrations tho’ this month that we had no idea were coming up.

Did you know that October is also Apple Jack month? Now I had an idea of what Apple Jack is, a strong alcoholic drink, but I had no idea there was a month dedicated to it. It’s apple season for fresh apples (think of a juicy, ripe apple or apple pie), but I would have thought Apple Jack month would come later after the apples were starting to be a little too ripe for a delicious fresh snack.

October is also International Drum Month (have you been to a Drum Circle lately?), National Popcorn Popping Month, Clergy Appreciation Month (do you think your pastor would like to celebrate it with some Apple Jack?), and Sarcastic Month. Now that last one is one my husband would probably say was right up my alley.

Then there are causes that don’t seem to warrant a whole month dedicated to them, they get just a week. Week one of October wears two hats, Customer Service Week and Get Organized Week. So, if you work in Customer Service, I guess you get time to get your workspace organized. Week Two is Pet Peeve Week, by limiting this activity to just one week it forces you to cull the list of your pet peeves to a reasonable number. OK, there’s that sarcastic thing coming out.

Special Days are even further down the list of time allotted to them.

Today, October 2 is Name Your Car Day

October 3 is Virus Appreciation Day and Techie Day……we need the techie to help us get rid of those pesky viruses.

October 5th is International Frugal Fun Day……if you have been affected by a down economy, this may be every day

October 6th and October 14th are Be Bald and Free Day……..bald folks need 2 days to celebrate their naked heads?

October 9th is Moldy Cheese Day…….yeah, bring out the blue cheese!

October 14th is also National Dessert Day……..does that mean we can have dessert for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

October 19th is Sweetest Day…….I think this is an autumn version of Valentine’s Day

October 21st is Babbling Day…….I think this one was thought up by men who didn’t want to listen to their wives of girlfriends

October 24th is both National Bologna and United Nations Day……..is that a coincidence?

And the list goes on and on, ending on October 31st, Halloween with Increase Your Psychic Powers Day.

I counted 67 single day dedications listed on the Holiday Insights.com website.

Whatever your background, vocation, hobby or special interest, it looks like there is a reason for you to celebrate in October. Happy Special Day!



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