My Flexitarian Kitchen


What's for dinner, Doc?

I’ve moved my kitchen, literally and figuratively this month. I’m back in the U.S after living 6 months in Baja, Mexico so I’ll be creating and cooking from my Nevada kitchen. I moved my blog back from My Baja Kitchen to What’s For Dinner Doc for many reasons. I don’t need an expensive independent blog because I kept deleting all of the paid and affiliate ads on my site out of sheer annoyance. I made $1.99 once at Amazon. I’m a failure at blogging for profit. 🙃 Besides, I don’t want my blog to feel like a job, so I’m ok with failure.

What’s on your mind Doc? (Yes, I’m talking to myself)

I’ve been thinking about the differences between eating in the U.S. and rural Mexico and how that effects my pocketbook and my waistline.

Cost: wow, sticker shock. I go from spending $70-80 a week for food in…

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