An Apple A Day Makes the Pounds Go Away by Nancy Schramm

Remember that old saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”? Recent research appears to be supporting the idea that eating apples can help you lose weight.

So, they not only taste good, make a great cobbler or pie, can be center stage at Halloween parties either covered in caramel or floating in a bucket of water, and are a staple in the Flowers to Eat Strawberry Apple Banana Bliss™ bouquet, but they could help me lose weight?

How you ask?

Well, the fiber pectin in them does help you feel fuller, as well as the other benefits of having a sufficient amount of fiber in your diet. But there’s more.

There is a chemical that occurs naturally in apples, ursolic acid, that has been linked to maintaining muscle mass. In one experiment with mice, the mice that were fed chow to which ursolic acid from apples was added:

  • Gained 33% less belly fat
  • Had an 11% higher metabolic rate
  • Ran 38% longer on a treadmill exercise
  • Stored 24% less fat in the liver

More research needs to be done with humans, but what a great way to preserve  muscle mass, which is important for maintaining a  metabolic rate that is sufficiently high enough to lose weight.


Fruit Horoscopes

Fruit Horoscopes                                                                                                                 


Do You Think Your Love of Strawberries is a Reflection of Your Personality                 

by Derek Schramm, Ph.D

It has been said that “Life is not solely comprised of tasks but of tastes.”  With nature’s abundance of tastes, we can enjoy the sweet pleasures of produce, while helping our bodies heal and develop. 

 What is your favorite fruit? 

 The Pineapple?  If so, “You like beauty.  You carefully weigh every word that comes out of your mouth.  As a result you always know what to say, and people like you because of that.  You have no difficulties to manipulate others.”

  Perhaps you favor Apples.  “If you love apples then it means that you are hardworking and a little old-fashioned.  Your bosses like you as you are able to do whatever they require from you. You have sentimental personality, you are often sad without knowing why.” 

 These and other choice ideas about your fruit choice and personality are referred to as your “Fruit Horoscope.” The accuracy of such sentiments remains to be proven, but it is clear that we all love fresh fruit. 

 At Flowers to Eat™,  your bouquet selection is large and the quality the highest.  These gifts will put a sparkle in your friend’s eyes, as they can partake in guilt free pleasure this holiday season.

 If your favorite fruit is a strawberry, peach, lemon or kiwi, among others, and you want to read more about fruit horoscopes, this url will link you to the authoritative website.