Is a Franchise the Right Business Model For You? by Nancy Schramm

Rolisa creating her beautiful Veggy Medley

Rolisa creating her beautiful Veggy Medley

How many times have you thought it would be great to be your own boss, set the rules, make all the decisions, be as creative as you know you can be?

If you want to be your own boss and have the ability to decide for yourself what you will create, how you will create it, and how you will sell it, is a franchise really the best business choice for you?
If you are the creative type of person with some business experience, Flowers to Eat has classes that can help you start your own, independent fruit and vegetable arrangement business.
We are not a franchisor.
With Flowers to Eat’s classes there are no upfront franchise investment fees or ongoing monthly royalty fees. Once you have learned our techniques, you are free to modify the arrangements that you have learned and to build upon them in anyway that is beneficial to your market.
We do not limit the area that your store can cover, what new designs you want to create, what suppliers to purchase from, what days or hours your store needs to be open. These are all business decisions you should control in your own business.
Our goal is to give you the knowledge and tools to create beautiful arrangements while leaving you free to use your own business acumen and familiarity with your customer base to tailor your store to your market.
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Super Summer Seminar Sale!

If you have been a fan of our website, our You Tube videos, or our facebook page, you know that Flowers to Eat™ offers comprehensive classes for budding entrepreneurs who want to start their own independent fruit arrangement business.

This is not a franchise. We teach you our techniques and much more. Our students have opened their own independent retail shops in many states in the U.S. as well as in South Africa, Spain, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Turkey, Taiwan, Anguilla, Trinidad & Tobago……………all around the world!

After taking our classes our students have no additional fees from Flowers to Eat™. They set their own hours, operating procedures and can utilize their own creative abilities to add to the arrangements and products they offer.

As the summer winds down, we are offering a super savings on our 4 and 5 day classes, as well as our new Wedding Class.
If you register for either our 4 day or our 5 day class by August 31, 2013 and take the class by October 31, 2013, we will deduct $500.00 from the cost of the class.  If you take the new Wedding Class prior to September 30, 2013, you can save $200.00 off of the price of this class.

Go to our website to learn more about our classes.

Contact Nancy or Ruth at 814-341-2328 for more  class information, or send a note to info@flowerstoeat for all the details and mention this blog entry

Fresh as the summertime

Fresh as the summertime