Top 10 Reasons to Give a Flowers to Eat™ Bouquet

ImageThe holidays are past and the new year is underway. If you live in the Tampa, Fl. area and were lucky, you received a delicious bouquet of chocolate covered strawberries or fruit from Flowers to Eat™ over the holidays. Or maybe you were that wonderful gifter who gave a delicious bouquet from Flowers to Eat™ to someone special in your life.

It’s not too late, though, to get the new year off to a great start with a fresh fruit arrangement. Let’s play David Letterman for a minute and think of the Top 10 Reasons to Give a Bouquet from Flowers to Eat™

10. To say: Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary!

9. To say: Congratulations or Well Done!

8. To say: I Love You!

7. To say: I’m Sorry!

6. To say: Thank You!

5. Because you or they have had a bad day or because you or they have had a GREAT day.

4 Because you Know they Love dark chocolate and fruit.

3. Because a Flowers to Eat™ bouquet LOOKS so good!

2. Because a Flowers to Eat™ bouquet TASTES so good!

1. Because no one else makes those “Melt In Your Mouth Banana Bites™!

We look forward to helping you make someone’s day very special. Visit our website, to see the variety of arrangements that we offer.

Grapes vs Raisins – which do you prefer? by Nancy Schramm

Flowers to Eat™ creates many bouquets that contain grapes. Green grapes, purple grapes, we use them both. Skewered in columns or dipped in dark chocolate on trays of fruit, we love to add grapes to our arrangements.


Raisins, those dried shriveled up remnants of sweet juicy grapes don’t make it into our bouquets. Have you ever seen a fruit arrangement that contained raisins?

Ok, so raisins aren’t as attractive in a fruit bouquet, but they are still packed with vitamins and antioxidents. In fact, ounce for ounce, raisins contain nearly 3 times as many antioxidents as their juicy predecessors. Antioxidants are important in promoting and maintaining good health and optimal growth, so if you choose to eat raisins, you can eat just 1/3rd as many raisins as grapes and obtain the same amount of antioxidents.  Good choice maybe if you don’t want to carry a large bag of grapes to work with you.

Raisins do contain many more calories than grapes do, though. A half cup of raisins equals approximately 250 calories; an equal amount of grapes have only 30. But, then again, you will be fitting many more raisins into that 1/2 cup than you could grapes.  Trade offs, trade offs, life is full of them.

Whichever you choose, you will be doing your body a favor munching on the grapes/raisins instead of that sugar cookie, and both really do taste great.

If you are interested in seeing a quick video of raisins turning into grapes, check out the following link. The transformation takes only 30 seconds on You Tube.

My Favorite Picnic Food

Not fried chicken, potato salad, hot dogs or hamburgers, this picnic favorite hits your sweet tooth. Cold and juicy, green and red, it’s the Watermelon that I am talking about.

Watermelon season is here once again and my family loves it. Yes, there are the seed spitting contests, which I haven’t won in years. There are the decoratively cut watermelon flowers and melons themselves (my favorite is one carved like a shark’s head complete with watermelon rind teeth). And, there are the beautiful and delicious fruit arrangements that Flowers to Eat makes that include this yummy melon.

Watermelon is actually healthy for you. It has high levels of vitamins A and C, and a good level of vitamin B6. The Doctor’s Book of Healing Foods says that eating just one serving of watermelon a day can reduce a man’s risk of developing prostate cancer by 82%! For those of us fighting the battle of the bulge, 2 cups of watermelon chunks contain only 80 tasty calories. suggests that you ‘spoil your appetite’ by having a slice of watermelon before your meal. Being 92% water, it will help curb your hunger while satisfying your tastebuds.

When you have a chance, please go to our website,, and under the ‘arrangement’ tab, see the nice selection of bouquets that feature watermelon as a key ingredient. We love that sweet, juicy watermelon, so it’s time to get it while it is available.