Top 10 Reasons to Give a Flowers to Eat™ Bouquet

ImageThe holidays are past and the new year is underway. If you live in the Tampa, Fl. area and were lucky, you received a delicious bouquet of chocolate covered strawberries or fruit from Flowers to Eat™ over the holidays. Or maybe you were that wonderful gifter who gave a delicious bouquet from Flowers to Eat™ to someone special in your life.

It’s not too late, though, to get the new year off to a great start with a fresh fruit arrangement. Let’s play David Letterman for a minute and think of the Top 10 Reasons to Give a Bouquet from Flowers to Eat™

10. To say: Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary!

9. To say: Congratulations or Well Done!

8. To say: I Love You!

7. To say: I’m Sorry!

6. To say: Thank You!

5. Because you or they have had a bad day or because you or they have had a GREAT day.

4 Because you Know they Love dark chocolate and fruit.

3. Because a Flowers to Eat™ bouquet LOOKS so good!

2. Because a Flowers to Eat™ bouquet TASTES so good!

1. Because no one else makes those “Melt In Your Mouth Banana Bites™!

We look forward to helping you make someone’s day very special. Visit our website, to see the variety of arrangements that we offer.